Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Just Stuff"... for sake of a variety of titles.

1. Nail Envy (by OPI) is the numero uno nail strengthener out there, FYI. I took my gel off after 2 years, and in 2 months, my nails are growing back to their original strength! It's amazing stuff.

2. Tonight at 6:45 I am heading to Einstein Bagels to pick up the "leftover bagels" from the day. From what I hear, it will be 2-4 large trash bags full of day-fresh bagels of all flavors. Individuals and companies can put their names on a calendar, claiming 'dibs' on these leftovers, because Einstein will not keep ANY food overnight. (avoiding rodents is a GOOD thing!) We called in February to claim April 30th. Friends who recommended this say the bagels are wonderful the next morning, and since I'm helping to put on a workshop at Walsh for 60+ people tomorrow, bagels are a perfect continental breakfast!

3. I know my hubby works on air conditioners and furnaces for a living, but I wish that "one person" didn't give Rich's number to "another person" who in turn volunteers him for "another person"... and so on and so on.... Call Crown Heating and Cooling, and make an appointment with Rich as the requested serviceman. We have stuff to do around OUR house too! (Friends and family, you know I dont' mean you!)

4. I spent $5 supporting a softball team, and the game is that I purchased a 3-digit lottery combination. 698 is my lucky number, and any person whose combo is drawn any evening drawing in May wins $50. I'm so excited to have a "raffle" that lasts for 31 drawings rather than just one!

5. Why do dogs dig more when it's wet outside? They cover themselves and everything else in mud... UGH! And because Rich just refinished our bathtub... we have no bathing space. Wonder how they'd like a shower... OR... Tracy or Cathy, can we borrow your bathtub???

6. Considering our house selling plans, the hopefully building soon after that... i'm starting to wonder when a vacation is in the plans. Not soon, I'm afraid.

7. Signing off!

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Cheyenne and John said...

You are spoiling me girl... 2 posts in less than a week!! What's going on? And I took a double take when I got to your page.. I didn't think I had the right address because of all the pictures. :) What a wonderful Eistein bagel factoid. That's pretty cool! How are the house plans coming? If your current house is on the market, does that mean you found some good land???