Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Just Stuff"... for sake of a variety of titles.

1. Nail Envy (by OPI) is the numero uno nail strengthener out there, FYI. I took my gel off after 2 years, and in 2 months, my nails are growing back to their original strength! It's amazing stuff.

2. Tonight at 6:45 I am heading to Einstein Bagels to pick up the "leftover bagels" from the day. From what I hear, it will be 2-4 large trash bags full of day-fresh bagels of all flavors. Individuals and companies can put their names on a calendar, claiming 'dibs' on these leftovers, because Einstein will not keep ANY food overnight. (avoiding rodents is a GOOD thing!) We called in February to claim April 30th. Friends who recommended this say the bagels are wonderful the next morning, and since I'm helping to put on a workshop at Walsh for 60+ people tomorrow, bagels are a perfect continental breakfast!

3. I know my hubby works on air conditioners and furnaces for a living, but I wish that "one person" didn't give Rich's number to "another person" who in turn volunteers him for "another person"... and so on and so on.... Call Crown Heating and Cooling, and make an appointment with Rich as the requested serviceman. We have stuff to do around OUR house too! (Friends and family, you know I dont' mean you!)

4. I spent $5 supporting a softball team, and the game is that I purchased a 3-digit lottery combination. 698 is my lucky number, and any person whose combo is drawn any evening drawing in May wins $50. I'm so excited to have a "raffle" that lasts for 31 drawings rather than just one!

5. Why do dogs dig more when it's wet outside? They cover themselves and everything else in mud... UGH! And because Rich just refinished our bathtub... we have no bathing space. Wonder how they'd like a shower... OR... Tracy or Cathy, can we borrow your bathtub???

6. Considering our house selling plans, the hopefully building soon after that... i'm starting to wonder when a vacation is in the plans. Not soon, I'm afraid.

7. Signing off!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Thoughts IV

Not sure what made me want to post all of a sudden, but here I am! With a list of random thoughts that might only entertain me, but that's ok!

1. I'm cleansing, and I think many people believe I'm nuts. Here's the thing. It's my fourth cleanse (and the third was just in January), but I absolutely crave this discipline. When I have cleansed each of the last 2 springs (starting with the month before my wedding), I have been super successful in picking up the healthy eating patterns, and those healthy cravings stuck for MONTHS! Then, I'd start back to school... stress... stuck in an office... colder weather... and I'd find myself in some funk that I could not get out of. With that, I developed my normal craving for a Wendy's burger and fries, followed by some DQ ice cream, and the occasional order of cheesy fries from Outback (my FAVORITE!!!) When I started eating that junk, it was over!! And I lost control.

Those of you who know me understand that I have this not-so-normal self-image crisis at times, and for some reason, being introduced to the Standard Process cleanse has really helped me to feel that I can take control when I reach "that point". I cook foods for Rich that I don't really love, and I then make my veggies or salad or whatever I'm eating. It's really not too difficult. Anywho, I'll keep you posted on THAT!

2. I dislike the fact that I have outgrown the desire to talk on the phone. I have wonderful family and friends all of this big world who I really, REALLY want to talk to! But I cannot get myself to just pick up the stinking phone. Nothin personal guys... it comes with my job as a counselor. I talk to people all day long!

3. I love facebook... for the reasons I just mentioned in #2, it gives me a quick opportunity to tell someone I love them, miss them, or am excited to hear from them!

4. My "little" doggy Dugan is ONE-YEAR old today :-)

5. I bought "For Sale by Owner" and "House for Sale" signs at the hardware store about an hour ago. SCARY!!!!!

6. It's so much easier to type really fast without my long nails!

7. I could really go for a diet coke.... wish caffeine wasn't considered a "toxin."

8. I think it might be time to try to think up 25 things you didn't know about me (to post on facebook.) We shall see!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Long-awaited Random Thoughts V

Well... long-awaited at least by my girl Cheyenne! I'm not sure anyone else reads this, so these thoughts are for you, Chey!

1. Stuffed Green Pepper Soup.... is my most recent cooking experiment! Rich and I have a favorite little itailian restaurant in Louisville called Gaettano's, and while the Italian food is given in huge portions, with delicious meatballs, extra sauce in a bowl, and free garlic bread (which should be provided in ALL italian restaurants, in my opinion), the thing that keeps bringing us back is their stuffed green pepper soup! Rich hates green peppers, but he would eat this soup every day of the week, I think.

So... i went to my favorite website and found a few options for this kind of soup. Most seemed quite tomatoey (is that a word?) which is also not something Rich usually likes, and our soup is definitely more meaty. But I found one that seemed simple enough to doctor up a bit. Cooking is NOT something i usually experiment with because honestly, it doesn't usually work out :-) But this time, after an hour of "prep" and then 6 hours of crock-pot cooking and adding a little more broth and water... the soup came out delicious!!! It isn't quite Gaettano's, but it's nice to know that I can now make a homemade soup that comes close to another fantastic homemade recipe!

2. Does anyone else "stress eat" like I do??? I have found since I went back to work just a month ago that I am SOOOO far off the awesome eating routine I had stuck with for 3 straight months. And the thing is, the routine before was so easy and it satisfied me completely and it didn't keep me from going out to eat, etc... But now i'm looking for a 15-minute break from the office so I run to get a little lunch. Or, I'm working at the computer late in the evening and i want a snack so I grab a twinkie or something... I've got to tackle this before it replaces my good habits.

3. Turning 30 in 4 months! I'm working hard to NOT let myself get overtaken by the thought that I'm going to be an "old mom".

4. On the other hand, Rich and I are continuing to save like crazy in order to hopefully pursue this dream of building a home next year. I will be starting my job at Walsh this week (which is going to be quite a learning experience!), and I am continuing also my Sunday shift at Grinders. It's busy, but if all works out, one semester of madness should help to bring about quite a grand result!

5. Gramps has his back surgery on Wednesday the 3rd of September. Keep him in your prayers!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Random Thoughts IV

1. Back to school tomorrow! Actually, an in-service tomorrow at Walsh University, but it's the first day of my full-time routine starting back.
----What I'm looking forward to about going back? Getting back into the routine, the Heritage Room salad bar, seeing the kiddos, spending less money on all the summer social activity with my friends while Rich is working hard at his day job, wearing my cute dress clothes (I love the Limited!), saving gas money since I live a half mile from school, the pay raise that comes in September, entering the school year with it NOT being my first year somewhere.
----What I'm NOT looking forward to about going back? Having to make all my appointments in the evenings or on Saturdays, putting my puppies in the cage all day, answering the phone all day, less free time for social fun with my teacher girlfriends and my sisters, missing Panera and daytime dollar movies, the flexibility of having no schedule, missing Lake Cable beach, and the end of summer weather!

2. Let's talk about what my work schedule is going to look like this semester (all parts having already been in the plan, but increasing the hours as Rich and I are trying like mad to save all the money we can before the end of the year)... School is M-F 7:00a-3:00p (although it's usually more like 4pm before I get out of there.) Grinders is every Sunday- mostly 10-3, but I'm rotating in an 11-5 every 3 weeks becuase the money is almost double on that shift. THEN, I was asked to supervise master's level students at Walsh who are doing the dual-masters degree like I did (School Counseling and Mental Health Counseling), which entails one hour a week with each student for 10 weeks, plus going to the first 2 practicum class sessions. But, the pay is good and I'm going to try to work with 5 students, which will definitely take 2 evenings each week. THEN, I'm president of the Counseling Honor Society chapter at Walsh, which includes monthly Saturday morning meetings with the board. Hmmmmmmmm........ Does that sound like a Krista schedule or what?!

3. Gosh, I'm exhuasted just writing about that schedule, so I might only have a few more thoughts here.

4. I can't wait for my puppies to grow up now. I love puppies, but I think i'm looking forward to the hyperactivity to drop off a little as adulthood comes along. :-)

5. I really wish I was closer to Cheyenne, who is offically 5 days away from her due date, and I don't have ANY idea when i might get to see that little boy!!!! :-( How about that, Chey, I made your name a link?????? Cool, huh?

6. I have had a headache for 3 days and it's really annoying me. They're the worst! Plus, I needed to pick up my b/c pills yesterday, but my new pharmacy closes at 1:00 on Saturday and I'm used to Walgreens, which has a 24-hour drive thru, and now the pharmacy is closed today. So I have to skip a pill today and can't get there until after my in-service tomorrow, which offically puts me 1 1/2 days off schedule! I hate that!!!

7. Does anyone else get really dry lips at night? My dogs ate my chapstick that i put on every night (both tubes) and I kept waking up last night becuase my lips were so dry!

8. Starbucks doesn't have the light creme frappacino's anymore, and the light blended coffee is really coffee-tasting they said, so I'm back to my Chai tea for good, i think.

9. I think that's all for now... I have to leave for Grinders in a half hour and I need to get ready. CHOU!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random Thoughts III

1. I'm feeling guilty because we put Harley (the bigger puppy) on the chain instead of letting him run with the invisible fence... He was digging holes places in our yard, and while I'm mad at him for that, his sad eyes make me melt!!! He HATES being chained up now that he's had 3 months of freedom :-(

2. I just went to a beautiful wedding last night. Michelle Congrove (now DeAngelis) looked just gorgeous, but what stood out more was how HAPPY she was! It reminded me of how I felt on my wedding day... what amazing memories!

3. I heard a rumor that the Outback Steakhouse by me was closing and I about lost it! I'm addicted to their tossed salads becuase they have the best ranch dressing anywhere! Actually, I don't even like Ranch dressing other then theirs. Good thing I know all the take-away servers so well and I called right away to ask if this ugly rumor was indeed true. Good news... FALSE!!!!!!! I can continue getting my House salad with extra ranch every four days or so :-) (I make the 2 little sides of Ranch dressing last for 4 salads here at home. Am I a smart cookie or what???)

4. I have two friends having babies in the next 2 months, and I'm having a hard time accepting that Rich and I have agreed to put that step off for another year. I wasn't sure if I had mentioned on here yet that we are hoping (and it's the plan if all goes well) to build a new home next year! We've done quite a bit of background research, have our eye on at least one plot of land, and take advantage of our Harley Davidson to go on weekly rides exploring nearby areas to see if any other lots have popped up. Luckily, today is a beautiful sunny day and we plan to ride again later :-)

5. I think I want to move to Texas and become a Rancher when I retire. (Ok, maybe just a rancher's wife, since I'm not such a huge fan of outdoor work.)

6. I think I hear my pups getting in the trash- again!

7. I have exactly ONE week until I go back to school. I'm going to miss Lake Cable beach and having lunch with all the people I hardly see during the school year! I have come to love love love Panera's strawberry poppyseed salad! I'll miss that too, cuz it's seasonal :-(

8. I looked up the Starbucks nutrition facts and was happily surprised to find that my tall nonfat Chai tea has only 150 calories and 0 grams of fat~ That's less than when I splurge on an ice cream cone or Dr. Pepper when i'm working at Grinders! AND... i've avoided the frozen frappacino's due to fat and calories, and i can get a light version of the vanilla bean frozen drink for only 150 calores and 1g of fat as well! I'll have to try it :-)

9. So far, I'm enjoying my new phone, the Voyager from Verizon. I have no idea how to use most of the features, but I'm a touch screen fanatic so that's fun.

10. Rich has only 2 classes left of his 14 month program! It's almost August and he's done October 30th. That will take SUCH a load off this household!!!!!

11. Chou!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Picture Extravaganza

Well, the real point of today's post is to try out my "adding pictures" element to this whole gig. I tried to select some pictures of people and puppies that I've mentioned in my past random thoughts. I may find a few thoughts to share by the end of this picture madness.

<--- This is Harley (my oldest) when HE was brand new to our family! Wait til you see what he looks like now!!

This is both the boys, Harley and Dugan, when Dugan was just 6 weeks and Harley could not be mroe than a foot away from him. ----->

<---- And this is the boys, a couple weeks ago, after Harley got neutered. He wanted to relax, and Dugan wasn't having any part of it! He wanted to PLAY :-)

Now... just two pictures of my little nephew, Herrison, and I'll be on my way! Isn't he the cutest thing? And to think, he'll have a little sibling in just 6-7 months! How fun!

Well, i'm off. I figured out that I don't like the pictures in the middle becuase I can't write around them. Lessons for next time! I'll have random thoughts soon, I'm sure!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Random Thoughts II

1. Talk about a nerve-wracking week. Spent time with my gramps taking him to doctor's visits and learning about his medication rituals (we're talking many, many pills every day)... and I think his anxiety about some things rubbed off on me a little. But, I love to help him because he's been such a loyal helper and supporter of me all my life.

2. I hate, yes hate, that women are so blatantly turned into sexual objects everywhere you look.

3. I went off my healthy diet with a vengeance this week.... We're talking mexican Monday (thanks, Becca), Grinders Tuesday (I worked a long day), Grinders Wednesday (becuase that's where Gramps wanted to eat after his doctor's appt.) AND Quaker State for bike night, Winking Lizard Thursday (after leaving Gramps from another long couple hours), and Grinders today (another long day)!!! Way off the beaten path!!! I want this to be a lifestyle, not a diet, and I need to try not to put myself in so many tempting situations if I can help it.

4. My dad is doing another triathalon tomorrow :-) I'm so proud of him!

5. I haven't had cheesy popcorn since the last post... :-(

6. My sister's baby is due February 1st... No wonder she was showing already!

7. My dogs have killed most of my lillies. The big pup (7 months) chases the little pup (12 weeks) and the little one has found a safe haven in my lillies. GRRRRRRR....... Today I broke a nail grabbing the little one by his collar to drag him our. I was ticked! (By the way, big boy is Harley and little pup is Dugan.) I promise that I will dedicate some time to adding pictures next week!

8. Less than 2 weeks until I go back to school :-(

9. Ever notice how a really great day can turn completely nauseating with one little ugly unexpected finding or news? This happened to me today, and I'm actually blogging to try to relax my mind. It has helped a smidge.

10. Have a great weekend!